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It’s a well-known fact that how we feel about ourselves affects how we perform – whether it’s a job interview, a business meeting or a World Cup Final.


Those feelings are strongly influenced by our character: some people are natural optimists; others are born pessimists.


But that doesn’t mean the former group are bound to succeed and the latter group destined always to fail.


Because everyone’s mindset is also affected by their environment. If things around us are going well today, we’re more likely to feel positive about how they will go tomorrow. It’s human nature.


Now imagine you’re an estate agent who has agreed a string of sales over the last few weeks. What’s more, you know your competitors haven’t.


Even if you were a negative person generally, you’d still feel pretty happy today.


And if you were a positive individual, you’d be on top of the world. Your coffee would taste better. The weather would feel warmer. You’d feel right at the peak of your game and hungry for more success again.


But if you were one of those less successful competitors, with only a handful of sales, you could easily begin to feel down. Working hard, doing the same job, but seeing another agent getting much better results. You might even start questioning your own ability – and whether you really can sell the next set of properties you have in front of you.


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So, when you’re choosing an estate agent, past performance really is a good indicator of their prospects of future success.


We know from experience that the confidence you gain from selling a house today makes you better equipped to sell another house tomorrow, even in a difficult market. It’s human nature.


So, you want the estate agent that has sold 41 houses, not the one that sold eight.


If you haven’t guessed, we’re the 41 – naturally positive people, agreeing lots of sales and all geared up to get the best price and the best buyer for you and your home.


It costs nothing to have a chat. We’d love to offer you a free valuation and show you how our marketing magic works.

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